A 1227486646 Point Limit is a non-point card with numerals so large and random as to be impractical. The traditional example is a rule that says no card can award more than 1227486646 points, but Actions are not uncommon in this category. "Take 16012378958 extra turns", for example.

Most of these are Suck-worthy cards because:

  • They are nearly-unbreakable rules, making them pointless and useless. ("No player can hold more than 1227486646 cards in their hand at one time.")
  • They are rules whose main purpose is to bar Mega-point cards, but fail to do so. ("No player may use a card which takes or gives more than 1227486646 points.")
  • They are I Win Cards or otherwise end the game prematurely. ("Draw 1227486646 additional cards.")
  • They lengthen the time of gameplay to ridiculous proportions. ("Act like an animal, and people will try to guess which animal you are. Repeat 1227486646 times.")

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