Backup Copy is a type of card that exists to temporarily prevent removal of a card.

Origins and NamesEdit

The origins of this card are unclear; it seems to be from several original card designers as per Ikbweck's Theory of Convergent Evolution. Although sometimes called a "guardian angel", "bodyguard", or even "macho man", its purpose and function rarely vary.


A Backup Copy is a single card which meets the following criteria.

  • It is played by being placed behind or in front of (or otherwise associated with) a card already on the table.
  • It does not tamper with that card's function excessively.
  • If any card's effects were to discard the card, Backup Copy is discarded instead.
  • If any card's effects were to move to any non-discard pile location or otherwise tamper with the card's inclusion or effects, Backup Copy is discarded instead.
  • Backup Copy cannot cause a victory, loss, or paradox. If any of these are caused by Backup Copy, then discard Backup Copy.
  • If Backup Copy is discarded, then its functions are no longer applicable.

Related CardsEdit

A related but very different card type is the "Card Binder". While the Backup Copy says "If card X is removed from play, card Y is removed instead", the Card Binder says "If card X is removed from play, card Y is removed as well". These require a bit more ingenuity to use to their full potential, but can be equally effective defensive tools.

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